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Bullseye (Game Show): Episode 1 - American Game Show | Full Episode | Game Show Channel

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In the first challenge of this Bullseye episode, competitors will lie down holding onto a 15 foot steel bar that's attached to a helicopter flying above. The helicopter will race off dragging the competitors down a 500 foot track towards a large bullseye on the ground all while being distracted by 3,000-degree fireballs. All the way, they must move from one end of the bar to the other to line up with the target and release at just the right moment so they slide like a hockey puck. The two men and two woman who get the closest to the bullseye move on to the next round. In the second challenge, Competitors will go head-to-head in a giant zorb ball, trying to hit bullseye targets while rolling uncontrollably down a quarter-mile (1,320 feet) 35-degree grass hill course. The person who knocks down the most bullseyes will move on to the final challenge. The two winners go on to the next round while the two losers have a face-off for the final spot in the final challenge. In the final challenge, A speedboat pulls the competitors across a lake. Each competitor will shimmy across a 20-foot long pole as fast as they can to get to the jet ski waiting on the other side. The longer they take to get to the jet ski, the farther they will be from the finish line at the bullseye ramp when they jump on board. They must zigzag at a top speed of 60 MPH through the floating buoys towards the ramp and jump the bullseye to stop the clock and potentially win $50,000.

Get ready for Bullseye the most outrageous, exciting and exhilarating event series on television.

Each week, four men and four women push their bodies to the limit in three unique, exciting and often outrageous challenges that ask nothing more than for them to hit the Bullseye.

In the first challenge, the eight competitors try to come closest to the centre of a stationary or moving target. They might have to dive off a moving truck into water, swing out on a crane over a city street 300 feet below or manoeuvre toward a bullseye while being dragged behind a hovering helicopter. The two men and two women who come closest to the centre of the bullseye move on. The other four are sent home.

For the second challenge, the final four have to hit as many bullseyes as possible. They might have to jump between bullseyes on two speedboats as they race across a lake, drifting further and further apart or hit bullseyes as they roll around, encased in giant transparent spheres. The three competitors who hit the most bullseyes move on; the other goes home.

Finally, the three remaining competitors must tackle one last challenge that blows the others away and requires them to hit a target in the fastest time. They might have to traverse the side of a moving train and leap onto a bullseye on the front of an engine or hit a series of moving targets while performing jumps in a dune buggy.

The competitor who conquers this final challenge by hitting the bullseye in the fastest time wins a cash prize $50,000!

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