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#ABtalks with the JLC Family - مع جاز ولوران | Chapter 34

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#ABtalks is a YouTube interview show hosted by Anas Bukhash that shines the spotlight on the raw side of celebrities, influencers, and achievers as human beings. Each guest is known for being an inspiration and for being influential as experts in their respective fields.

The JLC Family are French reality TV celebrities. Jazz Correia and Laurent Correia openly talk about painful experiences (some even life-threatening), being a target of judgment and jealousy, overcoming trauma, and how they found a true home in Dubai. In this interview, they talk about their human story behind all that we know online like they’ve never done before.

سلسلة مقابلات من برنامج أنس بوخش على اليوتيوب، يسلط الضوء فيه على الجانب الصادق والإنساني للعديد من المشاهير والرياضيين ورواد الأعمال والمؤثرين، وتظهرهم على طبيعتهم كأشخاص حقيقيين. ومن المعروف أن ضيوف الحلقات هم من الملهمين والمؤثرين في مجال عملهم

عائلة "جي.ال.سي" هي عائلة مشهورة على التلفزيون الواقعي في فرنسا، ففي هذه المقابلة، تحدث جاز كوريان ولوران كوريان عن قصتهما الإنسانية بطريقة لم نشهدها من قبل. لقد تكلما عن تجاربهما المؤلمة والمميتة، وطريقة تغلبهما على الصدمات وعن كونهما هدفاً لحقد الناس وغيرتهم.

0:35 - How are you really doing, Jazz?
1:06 - Who are you?
9:36 - I read that there was a robbery in France that you both experienced. 
19:56 - How do you deal with death at such a young age?
33:30 - How is it being a mother?
35:22 - How is it being a wife?
44:29 - What are you afraid of?
45:20 - What is your insecurity?
46:32 - Any regrets? 
47:42 - What is the best moment in your life so far?
48:07 - What is your worst moment?
48:45 - 'Jazz’ in one word.
50:00 - How was that night difficult?
1:01:37 - It said that “you do a lot of your business as scamming.”
1:08:12 - Why the tattoo 'Freedom'?

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